About Us

Chiangmai Bioveggie Co., Ltd.
is an innovative healthy food producer located in the northern part of Thailand.
The company was established in 2011. We are a collaboration of scientists, agriculturalists and chemical engineers who dedicate to provide supplements and foods that support people’s health and well-being.
Our business concepts are to operate food industry business by focusing on nutrition values of the vegetable, fruit, grain, and herb, to use advance technology created by Thai engineers to create added value to the raw material and to use innovative method to create products that match with every lifestyle.
We are committed to produce good quality products under international standards. Aiming for consumers and all stakeholder’s safety and being conservative to an environment.

As we are very concerned about society and environment, we are doing everything we can to take care of our nearby environment and people. We manage our factory to be a green industry with no pollution and create waste as less as possible. We support local farmers, who are growing vegetables under the Royal Project Foundation, the project of the late King Rama IX of Thailand, by buying raw material from them and add more value to the products.
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