Bioveggie Thai Herbal Drink
Bioveggie Thai Herbal Drink is a 100% natural productsuitable for health lover. Made from selected raw materials,
processed through innovative machine with certified standard. There are 3 kinds of herbal drink; Indian Goosberry,
Gurmar, and Tri Pha La. No sugar added, no preservatives, no tea leaves, real herbal taste.

Indian Gooseberry Herbal Drink

Indian Gooseberry is a herb known to help balance body’s health and support anti-aging process. The indian gooseberry itself is high in vitamin C and helps improve bodily functions such as eye sight, brain health, aging, and weight control.

Indian Gooseberry Properties
High in vitamin C and other minerals
Relieve cough and flu
Relieve thirsty
Increase body immunity

Gurmar Herbal Drink

Gurmar is a Thai herb, also known as the "sugar killer" with a property of controlling sugar level in diabetic patients. Gurmar's leaves and root contain Gymnemic Acid that helps reducing sugar in blood and also contains many other mineral such as vitamin C, vitamin E, betacarotene, and chlorophyll which essential for antioxidant process.

Gurmar Properties
Reduce and control sugar level in blood
Balance insulin and blood pressure
Balance body system and eye sight
Reduce risk of being obese
Tri Pha La Herbal Drink

Tri Pha La is a combination of three great herbs which are an indian gooseberry, belleric myrobalan, and chelulic myrobalan. Tri Pha La is used as a laxative that helps promote bowel movement and colon detoxification. This valuable formula does not only affect gastrointestinal system but also take care of other body system.
Tri Pha La Properties
Improve digestive system
High antioxidants
Defense body from virus and bacteria
Helps reduce blood cholesterol
Improve immune system
Contain: 10 sachets per box
Net Weight: 1.5-2 g/sachet or 15-20 g/box
Usage: Pour 150 ml of hot water over teabag, 1 teabag can be brewed 2 times
Condition: Keep in cool dry place. Avoid sunlight.
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