Bioveggie Vegetable Tablets

Bioveggie Vegetable Tablets

✿ A Multivitamin Dietary Supplement ✿
Good for those who don't like veggie

Encourage you to eat all 5 colors of vegetables
Easy and safe. No chemical residue.
Full of natural nutrients and fiber from vegetable
Balancing and improving your body system

Bioveggie Vegetable Tablets has 100% natural vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients from vegetables. It is a new alternative for people who do not like to eat vegetable, and those who want extra vitamins. It helps balancing and improving body system especially with digestive system and improve skin. The product is suitable for both children and adults.

 ✔  Made from 100% natural
 ✔  No artificial vitamins
 ✔  Natural color, flavour, and scent
 ✔  No chemical residue
 ✔  Full of nutrients essential for body
Bioveggie Vegetable Tablets is made from vegetables with high nutrition value grown in the norther part of Thailand under the Royal Project Foundation. The vegetable is grown under GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) standard and under Food Safety Project of Ministry of Agriculture. Then processed with innovative machine developed by our engineers. The machine is able to keep 80-90% of natural nutrients. The process is standardized with GMP and HACCP standard.

Bioveggie Vegetable Tablets
made from 12 kinds of vegetables

Contain:5 tablets (5 colors) in 1 sachet
Net Weight: 250 mg./tablet or1,250 mg./sachet
Usage: 1-2 sachets per day after meal with water
Condition: Keep in cool dry place. Avoid sunlight
Suitable for everyone in your family
Can be taken everyday
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